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This team is led by Dolores Sanfiz, Business Graduate and Official Estate Agent, with 15 year experience at European multinational environments.

We are focused on services to property buyers, to make it an easier experience.

Our main objective is saving time and money to buyers, providing a professional service through advice, help and facilitating all the process up to the moment of the signature of the purchase and sale contract at the notary. We serve  people looking for a home in Barcelona upper area and also investors who look for flats to invest in Barcelona. Our clients are both locals and foreigners.

A property purchase is normally the most important economic deal in one’s life. So it is advisable to receive as much profesional help as possible.

We search for you:

We save you time.

We shorten the search time of properties matching your requirements. You will just devote time to visit properties already filtered by us. We provide a property price report with same or similar features  to facilitate your purchase decision based on data.

We save you money                          

We negotiate on your behalf avoiding payments of overvaluations. If you delegate to us the task of negotiation we can do it from objectivity providing market data to seller.

Clients Testimonials

Julio F. 

“Recientemente tuve que vender una casa urgentemente. Se trataba de una venta directa de propietario a comprador. Ante las dudas que tenia, y aunque no es la especialidad de zonalta bcn, contacte con Dolores para ver que ayuda me podía brindar. Vino a ver la casa personalmente, me explico:

  • Cómo debía actuar,
  • Qué precio era el correcto en mis circunstancias de urgencia ( de hecho era superior al que yo pensaba pedir para vender rápidamente),
  • Qué pasos dar,
  • Me ayudo a redactar el contrato de arras,
  • Me asesoró en los asuntos notariales, etc.

Resumiendo, muy seria y profesional. Pero lo mas importante fue la tranquilidad que me transmitió, ante una situación que en principio era para mi estresante.Gracias Dolores”.

Translation of Julio F. comment

I recently had to sell a house urgently . It was a direct sale from owner to buyer. Given the doubts I had, and although this was not Zonalta bcn main speciality , I contacted Dolores to see what help she could provide . She came to see the house personally and explained to me : How to act , What price was right in my circumstances of urgency (in fact it was over I thought to sell quickly ) What steps to take , She helped me to prepare Arras contract , He advised me in notarial matters , etc. In short, very serious and professional . But most important of all was the peace that she gave to me , in a very stressful situation  for me. Thank you Dolores “


Julien V. French client living in London

“I had the pleasure to meet Dolores last summer, when I took the decision to buy an apartment in Barcelona. Dolores provided my with impeccable support, and definitely made my investment project possible. Buying a property overseas is always a complicated matter, which involves knowledge and time, that only someone local can have. Dolores exceeded my expectations, and delivered the service advertised. She speaks perfect english, and is a very pleasant person to work with. Would definitely recommend Dolores to anyone wishing to invest in Barcelona !”


Silvia G

“I wouldn’t have done it without her.
Maybe I could have, but it would have taken an enormous amount of time, energy and quite more money.
I hired Dolores’ services because I wanted to invest some of my savings in a real estate as a long term investment. I told her my budget and the return I expected and she lead the whole process: filtering, suggesting and providing her expertise till we found the right fit for me. And it had taken only a few hours of my time because she had perfectly understood what I was looking for and negotiated a fair price for me.
As a buyer, it is nice to have somebody playing for your team like Dolores since usually the real estate agents are rather alligned with the seller’s interest.
I definitely recommend working with Dolores because of her knowledge of the market, her fair but effective negotiating style and her personal engagement”

TM Private investor:

I can recommend Dolores without any hesitation, having closely worked with her for over 6 months when Dolores helped to find and buy an investment property. Her expertise and attitude have been exceptional, but that could be said about many reputable real estate agents.

I would like to share some personal reflections of my experience with Dolores, what I think makes her really different.

You may be a frequent visitor to Barcelona and know your way around the city reasonably well, then you should feel confident to buy a property here without much support. Of course you can do it on your own.

I had a pretty clear brief in my mind when I started to look for an investment opportunity and started the search on my own. In the process I had a no-obligation meeting with Dolores, which was meant to confirm I was on the right track. After that conversation, I sensed there were weak points in my approach – in this fast-moving market am I really efficient in dealing with multiple agencies working on behalf of sellers? Is a quoted price fair or what is the realistic room to negotiate?

I decided to work with Dolores not just for making the buying process more efficient, but also for getting impartial advice. Her permanent feedback and efficiency were critical in successful completion of my project.

What made my search project with Dolores an absolute pleasure and rewarding experience was her true understanding of my needs and motivation, including emotional preferences towards different options.

On top of her excellent market insights, Dolores has a superb knowledge of the legal framework; she has good sense of risks and ways of handling them; and Dolores has a maturity and right personality to mediate and influence in negotiations, which can be very challenging if the buyer is on his own.

I have been fortunate to have Dolores helping me.

And I would recommend anybody thinking about Barcelona property to consider a conversation with Dolores.