Zonalta Bcn working method


The most important thing for us is to know  exactly which are the buyer requirements identifying the “must” and the “nice to have” .

We seek your flat, house, penthouse, dúplex,  loft, … through an extensive network (real estate agents, internet searchers, bank properties data base, Real Estate contacts, etc.) and  filter the properties that match customer requeriments. We do previsits when necessary.

We organise visits of the selected properties at the buyer convenience. We accompany our cliente to visit only properties that fit their previously defined preferences.

We provide a property price report with the same or similar features to  the search for the buyer to have a clear idea of the market price.  Thus the buyer is better prepared to take the decision by the time we find the right property.

We negotiate the price on behalf of the buyer excluding emotional factor of the process, to close the deal at the best possible price, avoiding overvaluations. When the buyer really likes a property, even being a good negotiator, it is very difficult to negotiate a price drop because the seller detects that the buyer does not want to lose that property. If the buyer delegates negotiating task in us, we can do it objectively and with better results.

We accompany the buyer to sign the final contract at the notary just in case some questions or problems arise in the last minute.

We do not charge profesional fees before starting the job. There is not an upfront payment.